...Enjoy while eating healthily by choosing our products - fresh or dried aromatic organic shiitake mushrooms grown on oak logs!


"Super foods are a class of the most effective, hyper-concentrated and saturated nutritional elements on our planet – they are much more worth it than the regular food. Exclusively healthy, tasty and satiate, super foods have the ability to increase the vital forces and the energy of our bodies. They are the best choice to improve our overall health condition.”

                                                                                                                                        David Wolfe


Shiitake is the most scientifically researched of all of the asian mushrooms. It has a unique anti-tumor activity, with no analogue in the organic world as well as volatile compounds called "Fungous phytoncides" , which are capable of fighting against almost every kind of viruses.




The main focus of our activity is the cultivation and growth of the miraculous Shiitake mushrooms. The method in which they grow is fully consistent with the original Japanese technology-on oak logs. Our main goal is to make them available for you without compromising the quality.

Shiitake could be grown in other ways, too – using bags’ substrate, called "synthetic logs." The mushrooms grown on oak logs (a method chosen by us) are a bioproduct as they grow in their natural envoirment. Grown on oak logs, shiitake mushrooms can't be mistaken - they have a thick consistency, their body is fleshy and with proper form. It is important to note that with both methods of cultivation, the quality of the final product is different. The advantages of the shiitake mushroom grown on oak logs are expressed not only with the mushroom’s external features, but also with its taste and especially the content of valuable substances that are many times higher than the ones discovered in the "synthetic-stump" mushrooms.


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As a result of a lot of work, accumulation of practical experience, a number of field tests and intense business planning, in the early spring of 2014, we started our first biofarm for the production of Shiitake mushrooms grown on oak logs based on the  original Japanese technology.We built it in the city of Banya, Karlovo - the geographic center of Bulgaria, at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain.In the following year, we established our company "BIO WAY" Ltd., registering our own trademark - "Fermi BIO WAY".We started with a relatively small resource, but with strong motivation and excellent knowledge in the field. We built our first farm, in accordance with the organic farming principles, so that we can offer the connoisseurs of environmentally friendly and healthy food, a truly delicious and valuable product.The method by which we produce the woody bio-mushroom shiitake has been tested over the years and has been used in Japan for millennia.Our goal is to provide the Shiitake mushroom with conditions for development and growth that are as similar as closely possible as to those in their natural environment. The strict follow-up at all the stages of this process always ensures a quality and healthy end product. We achieve this result with uncompromising fulfillment of the two most important conditions: quality raw materials and precise observance of the technological process.With the launch of our second BIO WAY Farm, we have achieved our first goal - we have built a bio-farm in which Shiitake mushrooms are grown throughout the year and their production is based on an industrial basis. This allowed us to continue on our way to our second goal of building a number of family bio-farms for Shiitake mushrooms growing on oak logs based on the original Japanese technology throughout the country. So, on the basis of the successful and practically verified know-how we have created and have at our disposal, we have developed and started to apply our own business model. We created the "Fermi BIO WAY" franchise system where, under the same brand, sharing know-how and strictly following the same, precisely defined standards, there are a number of stand-alone farms owned by different and separate individuals or legal entities (For more information see here).

Of course, all of the above mentioned was possible, thanks to our partners - the people who believed in "Fermi BIO WAY".



 shiitake mushroomsshiitake mushrooms 

Grown on oak logs, shiitake is of a high quality and excellent taste. We achieve this result with uncompromising performance of the two most important conditions: high quality raw materials and strict observance of the technological process. Choosing the right wood is the first step and a general prerequisite for the successful cultivation of the Shiitake mushrooms. The second and perhaps most important step is the supply of quality spawn. 




The holes in the stumps are made in a particular pattern with a special tool made for this purpose. We perform the inoculation with this tool, then the holes are covered with caps to retain moisture and to prevent the occurrence of lateral micro flora. The shiitake mushroom is ready for cropping after a prolonged cool, wet weather, which can be also created artificially.


From the beginning of 2017, when we launched our franchise system and started offering our franchise packages, we received more than 40 queries for franchise-cooperation contracts by the beginning of April of the same year. Regardless of the growing number of bio-farms cultivating Shiitake mushrooms on oak logs according to the original Japanese technology, under our trademark "Fermi BIO WAY", there are also many other farms producing different types of exotic woody mushrooms in Bulgaria.The clear tendency for an expansive increase in the number of people and farms cultivating woody exotic mushrooms in Bulgaria gave the incentive and the reason for the owners of BIO WAY to become one of the main initiators for the establishment of an NGO – Association which represents and develops the interests of all of them. Thus, on 21.01.2017 in Karlovo, a Constituent Assembly was held, where the mushroom producers assembled, decided to establish the Bulgarian Association of Exotic Mushroom Producers (BAEMP). The same was entered in the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities by a decision of the Plovdiv District Court on 22.02.2017.Its 1st regular General Assembly, according to the Not-for-Profit Legal Entities Act and the Statute of the newly registered Association, was held on March 31, 2017, in the building of the Scientific and Technical Union of Agricultural Specialists, Sofia.The managing partner of "BIO WAY" Ltd. and one of the owners of the trademark "Fermi BIO WAY" - Mr. Stoyan Assenov, was elected as the first Chairman of the BAEMP Board with a two-year mandate. As such, he undertook the personal commitment to work on the establishment of the "woody exotic mushroom production" industry and its transformation into an industrial sector that is relevant to the country's economy.In conclusion - now, in the face of all the Shiitake mushroom growing bio-farms on oak logs, using the original Japanese technology and under the trademark "Fermi BIO WAY", is the next immediate goal, namely: TO BECOME THE BIGGEST PRODUCER OF THE SHIITAKE BIO-MUSHROOM, GROWN ON OAK LOGS ACCORDING TO THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY, ON THE EU TERRITORY!!!



What do you have to know about the bio-food

The organic agriculture causes significantly less harm to the environment; it protects the water and does not pollute the soil. It even influences the effects of the global warming. The organic food does not contain harmful ingredients such as flavoring agents, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and contaminants that have been associated with numerous health problems. The organic food contains more minerals such as iron and zinc, which are significant in the early development of children.