Franchising is a commercial concession - a type of relationship between market participants where one party (franchisor) grants the right to use a developed and successful business model, in a particular kind of business, under certain conditions and against payment to another company wishing to develop the same business (franchisee). This is a developed form of licensing, a type of strategic alliance that is usually applied by companies with a prestigious brand and established image.

Franchising is a French word (franchir), which means "freeing" and is the safest way to start a business with significantly less capital than in the classic case of self-entrepreneurship.

The „Bio Way“ farms for cultivating Shiitake bio mushrooms combine multiple agricultural producers under one brand, which is a symbol of quality, it is popular and imposed throughout the country and abroad ....








We created “Bio Way” Farms to offer you - the entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture - an innovative production. We know what you are facing everyday and what difficulties you encounter to start, continue or grow your business. We know what efforts you make to meet all the requirements. We know that you are pressing for growing quality standards, bio-and eco-requirements for food production and growing pressures on the market environment. We know that it is becoming harder for you to produce quality products with which you trade, as the steadily rising costs are pressing you to reduce your profit.

That's why we created the “Bio Way” Farms - to feel the sweetness of the business, which for years will "feed" you and your family!

“Bio Way” Farms will help you to:

  • Win more!
  • Guarantee the realization of the production!
  • Save costs!
  • Work according to all standards and requirements without having to spend extra money on this!





  • We only give executable advices and instructions on the preparing, cultivating and storing of the Shiitake bio-mushrooms;
  • We inform you about the necessary documents and permits required by law;
  • We advise you, in the choice of equipment and furnishings,
  • We will consult you and we will choose with you the best option for the location of the technological equipment according to the specifics of the terrain on which you will have your farms for Shiitake bio-mushrooms;
  • We provide you with flexible deliveries of everything you will need in the process of growing Shiitake mushrooms, right next to your production base;
  • You produce a product of guaranteed high quality and ensure the realization of the whole quantity of the Shiitake bio mushrooms produced by you;
  • We advise you on the requirements of the oak logs and together we undertake the strict technological control over the delivered logs to ensure that all the requirements of the original Japanese technology, according to which the Shiitake bio-mushrooms are produced, are fulfilled.
  • We deliver you the required amount of mushroom bio-spawn, stoppers and special technology equipment, ensuring their compliance with the original Japanese technology to produce significant amounts of Shiitake bio-mushrooms in order to meet the highest quality requirements.





  • You develop your business and become part of a successful chain;
  • The sale of the quantities of the Shiitake bio-mushrooms produced by you is guaranteed by a contract;
  • You use our expertise on all matters affecting your business;
  • You are largely independent of changing prices of the raw materials;
  • You get the basic raw materials and tools you need to cultivate Shiitake bio mushrooms.











  • The signed Franchise Cooperation Agreement guarantees you the 100% purchase of the entire quantity of Shiitake bio-mushrooms produced by you, provided that you strictly comply with all our requirements, instructions and instructions;
  • The signed Franchise Cooperation Agreement requires you to sell the Shiitake bio-mushrooms produced by you under our trademark only to us from "BIO WAY" Farms;
  • You will inevitably need a certain financial resource (varying in different boundaries, depending on the specific circumstances) through which you will have to cover the investment in building your "BIO WAY" Farm for the first 1-2 years of our joint work, while the revenue from the sale of your bio-mushrooms increases to such an extent that you do not need additional (external) financing.






  • You must be a registered farmer or be a business owner. Of course, if you are not, it is possible to negotiate a deadline in which you commit yourself, either to register as a farmer, or to set up / re-register your own company for that purpose;
  • You must have your own land (terrain) with an area of ​​at least 3.0 decares or you can rent it for a minimum of 7 (seven) years, with a prolongation option;
  • This land (terrain) should have its own water source (well or drilling). There must also be electricity, recommended and, if possible, three-phased;
  • Of course, you should keep in mind that if your land (terrain) has the status of "agricultural land", you will have to initiate an urgent procedure to change its purpose;
  • Under certain conditions, it is possible a farm cultivating Shiiake bio-mushrooms on oak logs to be built in an existing and specially adapted building (s), but this does not change in any way the requirement for a minimum available area of ​​3.0 decares;
  • You must be able to provide (alone or through us) at least 80 m3 of oak logs per year, meeting certain requirements;
  • You must be able to pay a certain initial and one-time franchise fee depending on the volume of oak logs you will be obliged to inoculate (infected with spawn) per year, with the signing of the Franchise Cooperation Agreement. This fee is payable immediately after the conclusion of the Agreement so that it can be validated.